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European Springs & Pressings, one of the largest suspension spring manufacturers in Europe, has confirmed its position and commitment to the automotive sector with the recent purchase of a large-scale powder coating line, which has doubled the company’s production rate.

Doubling throughput, improving quality, enhancing efficiencies and capable of managing a wider spectrum of spring sizes, the acquisition is a further investment in the spring manufacturers future.

Michael Gibbs, Managing Director says: “Our parent company, Lesjofors, has invested millions across our Cornwall operations in recent years and this is a testament to the hard work of our team and the quality of our product lines. Bucking the widely broadcast reservation in investment, their response to our customer’s demands has seen our company turnover grow from £19m to £23m in the last two years.”

Additionally, new software and touch screen systems are being installed to further enhance the control, efficiency and productivity of the new line, alongside new digital response units which monitor and enhance the powder coverage across the spring units.

Gibbs concluded by saying that despite the current political situation, the time is absolutely correct to be investing saying that, “Despite today’s political uncertainty, our faith in UK manufacturing is certain. The timing of the investment was in response to customer demand and aligned with future production projections.”

Speaking about the investment, European Springs & Pressings also expanded their thanks to their parent company, Lesjofors, saying, “Lesjofors are an incredible parent company and we’re very fortunate that they recognise the opportunities in Cornwall and respond to investment requirements as and when needed.”